A look into this blog’s site traffic

Seeing as this is a blog for one of my classes, it’s no surprise that the site’s traffic is essentially nonexistent. I’ve put little-to-no effort in promoting it on any other social media platforms and I haven’t been the best at posting regularly.

That being said, there has been some traffic to one of my posts (10 hits, to be exact), which just so happened to be my very first one to the blog. Most of which was probably just my mom after telling her about it over the phone, but I digress. This was the aggregate post I made about some arts and entertainment events going on in the area. With links to outside sources and name dropping big places in the Triangle, it’s no surprise to me that this blog post got a few hits.

Overall, this site is pretty much invisible in the blogosphere, but hopefully this is something that will change as I continue to post more.


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